Specifications of Webstockman modules.
  1. The Inventory module of Webstockman has 3 sub modules
    1. Stores
    2. Purchase
    3. Vendor management

  2. The Purchase sub module has two types of Purchase Orders namely
    1. Making Purchase Request & Rate comparison finally the Purchase order
    2. Without the Purchase Request, Rate comparison & approvals directly we can create the Open Purchase Order during the emergency time.

  3. The Vendor management
    1. The Vendor management has Rate comparison

    2. In Rate comparison we have three approvals
      1. Basic Approval,
      2. Accounts Approval
      3. MD Approval ( only after this its possible to generate the purchase order.)

    3. After all this approvals only we can generate the purchase order.

    4. Its possible to skip some of these approvals if you wish via the powerful admin of webstockman.com

    5. Vendor Management Rate comparison we can compare the rates between two or three suppliers for finalizing the purchase order.

    6. For each suppliers we can generated the bill pass, those bill are integrated to Tally Accounting Software

    7. In Ledger report we can track the Suppliers Payment of Debit, Credit & Closing balance.

    8. We can send the SMS through the software once the payment done for the supplier

  4. The stores management sub module we have GRN - Good Receipt Note.
    1. In GRN Entry (Goods Receipt Note) three levels available, after finishing this three levels only the purchased items will add in our stock summary report.
    2. GRN Entry
    3. GRN Inspection
    4. GRN Confirmation
    5. Stores Management
    6. In Store Management we can track the items inward and outward details.
    7. In Store Issue entry we can make the Items issues against the
    8. Own Vehicle,
    9. hire vehicle,
    10. Project & Department so that we can track the expenses.
    11. can set the Minimum and Maximum stock level for each items.
    12. If Minimum stock level reaches it will shows the alert in Reorder report
    13. In Dead Stock report we can track the unused items for long times.

  5. Multiple Branch Management
    1. In Stock Summary report we can track the Branch wise individual items Closing stock, Price, Total Amt & Date wise transactions.
    2. In Category wise report by branch wise we can track the purchased amount of each Item category.:-
    3. If Maximum stock level reaches we can’t make further purchase against that item.
    4. In Individual stock summary report we can track the branch wise Item details of
      1. Opening Stock,
      2. GRN,
      3. STN Inward,
      4. Store Receipt,
      5. Store Issue,
      6. STN Outward & Closing stock.

    5. In Stock Summary report we can track the Branch wise individual items Closing stock, Price, Total Amt & Date wise transactions.
    6. we can transfer the items from one branch to another branch by using the Stock transfer Note.
    7. In Ledger report we can track the overall Expenses of Own vehicles, Hire Vehicles, Project and Departments.
    8. In Vehicle HSD Filling hr report we can track the Diesel issues & Diesel consumption of own vehicles by Date wise

  6. Tally Integration
    1. Once the GRN Entry done the bill pass can be generated for the suppliers to track the payments, this bill pass are integrated with Tally software automatically by using the webstockman
    2. Tally Integration Software (Account /Finance synchronization Tool.)

  7. GST Report
    1. The GST Report is auto generated once the GRN Entry is done
    2. In this report we can track the Accessible Amount, SGST Amount, CGST Amount, IGST Amount and also we can download the invoice copy which was uploaded in GRN Confirmation entry.
    3. We can export the GST report in excel sheet and rearrange the format as per the GST portal format for updating the details in GST portal

Webstockman supports the following facilities:-

  • Manage of inventory /stock of multiple companies
  • Manage inventory /stock from multiple vendors
  • Support categorization of products 5 levels deep
  • Category
  • Sub category
  • Inner sub category
  • Deep inner sub category
  • Item code
  • Multiple access rights - admin and super admin, view, edit, delete rights
  • Stock transfer from one branch to another and more and more...